Thursday, March 3, 2016

Whither the Derb, Part 2


Some may object and tell me: "Hey, I though you always say you prefer to debate about ideas, and not personalities."

That's correct.  But in some cases, Derbyshire being foremost among them, it is unavoidable - the ideas and the personalities are one and the same.

For example:

Derbyshire's argument for miscegenation basically boils down to: "I've done it, I'm happy with it, and if you don't like it, come to my house and I'll punch you in the face."  Likewise, Derbyshire attacked MacDonald by telling us about all the wonderful Jews the Derb has known.  It is difficult to respond to these highly personal arguments without a personal argument of your own.

Derbyshire himself began the personal argumentation with his scurrilous and personally offensive attack against Kevin MacDonald, and with his "latrine flies" comments.

Derbyshire constantly - constantly - uses his marriage and his family to troll racialists (*).  If he doesn't want that to be an issue, it is in his power to stop making it an issue. But he can't help himself.

His defenders would them say:

But, then, some would argue that Derbyshire is just responding to all the nasty emails he has received from "racists."  I do not know the timeline with that, but I very strongly suspect that those emails started AFTER Derbyshire himself started attacking MacDonald, White nationalism, racialism, etc. and started promoting miscegenation.  There is no doubt that Derbyshire was trolling about his "measured groveling" and those things before most or all of the response from the "racists." 

*Unfortunately, those times when he should bring that up, he does not - for example, in his attack against MacDonald and against "group evolutionary strategies" (which he pretended not to understand), Derbyshire neglected to mention the conflict of interest he has with his own mixed marriage and family.  Again, this is all a question of character.