Thursday, March 3, 2016

Whither the Derb?

Not harsh enough.

To those who say "racial purists" are "too harsh" on Derbyshire, I say quite the opposite: not harsh enough.

Let's consider the facts.  In the "feud" between Derbyshire and "purists," Derb is more often than not the initiator, denouncing racialism, denouncing "purity," promoting miscegenation,. criticizing racialist conference attendees, etc.  He constantly "trolls" using his own family as bait (nice character trait there).  He, not the "purists," is the source of the problem.

When he was in mainstream conservatism, he routinely attacked KMacD, and promoted the idea (originally stated by someone probably a Jew) that Amren conference attendees were "latrine flies."  But - lo and behold! - once the Derb gets kicked out of Conservatism, Inc. because of his juvenile "the talk" essay he went hat-in-hand to the same "purists" he previously denounced, and those people, bizarrely, welcomed him with open arms, and had Derbyshire speak at same conference that he previously mocked.

If that's not enough, after being given this assistance by those he attacked, he continues to mock them! I mean, is this guy a low-life lousy bastard or what?  

There have been people I have debated online over the years, sometimes very vociferously, but some of them I can have respect for.  Bowery is an example.  I disagree with him more often than not, but one can have respect for his intellectual integrity.  Derbyshire on the other hand is really the lowest of the low, an ingrate, a hypocritical opportunist who constantly bites the hand that (literally in a sense) feeds him.

No, not harsh enough.