Saturday, April 23, 2016

4/23/16: A Question For the Esteemed and Respected Mr. John Derbyshire

One question.

Sir: who did "Rosie" vote for?

After all, in a previous election, the Derb unburdened himself thus about familial politics:
And then there is that other fruit of my loins, Miss Nellie Derbyshire, who actually is old enough to vote for the first time. Though she is cagey about her intentions, I know an Obama voter when I see one. As futile as it may be in New York state—a foregone conclusion, election-wise—Nellie’s vote needs to be countered, if only for the sake of the nation’s popular-vote totals.

To be fair, Derb's other "fruit" - the high-IQ macho military man - supported (as, apparently, did Derb himself) the "conservative Republican" ultra-cuckservative Mitt Romney - you know, the plastic phony who straps dogs to the tops of cars, and who now denounces Trump.  And, hey, in this case VDARE is right - he really is a Mormon!