Friday, April 8, 2016

Another Trump Endorsement

No surprise for readers of this blog.

A mainstream media article more honest than Der Movement:

First of all, Giuliani's voters are the Trump base. Trump has a good shot at winning the New York primary with over 50% of the vote, and some of his strongest demographic groups are white Catholics, voters in the Northeast, and moderates. Trump drives conservative stalwarts nuts because he's not a consistent conservative; neither is Giuliani, and these voters aren't bothered by it.

Those are the voters not concerned about cuckservative Chamber of Commerce politics, but support the perception of a “racist fascist” Trump.

Lind, Lind, Lind…where art thou? Answer: here at EGI Notes, NOT at VDARE, The Occidental Observer, or Chateau Heartiste. Truth vs. Lies, my friends, get your dose of truth here.

The beginnings of an approach to honesty by a reader of VDARE. The writers? No, never the writers.