Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Behold the Female: Theranos

The stopped clock hits the right time.

Sometimes, Sailer's snide and superficial snarky asides hit the mark

A thought experiment: imagine everything about Theranos is exactly the same, except that the person in charge is a grotesquely obese land whale, a Medusian hag, with a face that could sink a thousand ships, and a putrid, smelly, festering gunt dragging across on the ground, leaving a glistening trail like a snail.  Now, would all those "Old White (*) Men" have shown the same enthusiasm?  The same patience?  Would all the investments been made available?

Or, more realistically - a company headed by a put-upon beta male - a White Man - who had actually had in hand a verified technology.  Same level of interest?

*What's "White" Steve?  Who are these mysterious people?