Sunday, April 10, 2016

Behold the Pedestalization

The lack of self-awareness is comical.

Remember guys, the manosphere is looking out for you! Let's mock the "hamster gyrations" of the female and we must never, never, ever "put pussy on a pedestal." But, as well, every single facet of your persona, no matter how minor, must be carefully controlled and/or altered to become more suitable for pleasing every and any female whim.

Are you some sort of "nerdo" and "spergo" who takes life seriously? Are you a responsible man who cares about his racial and cultural patrimony? Do you speak the truth, and against lies? Do you refuse to kowtow to SJW delusions? If so: wrong, wrong, wrong! Don't you know that all the girls like inane, superficial, and breezy (*) conversation? What? You are right and the crowd of ditzy sluts and race cucks is wrong? LET GO!  Agree with them! Out-cuck the cucks, because, remember, the man who is serious about race and civilization, he gets no poosy! Don't be a creep!

The last creep factor is the most important one: conversational stubbornness. Girls love freewheeling convos full of breezy associations and delectable tangents. We all know that nerdo or spergo who can’t let go of a point he’s trying to make over the happy din of a socially-gelling mixed group. If there’s one piece of advice I would give to men on how to avoid being the creep chicks despise, it’s LET GO. Didn’t get your point across? No prob. Ride the wave. Swing at another pitch. Take the detour in good humor and with a sense of adventure. The best womanizers I have known all shared this trait in common; they were pros at both leading conversations and going with the conversational flow. You can do this, too, but it will demand that you get out of your head and become more situationally aware. The field of seduction is no place for shutting out external catalysts.

*Steve Sailer, super-stud. Want to get laid? Just talk the same way Sailer writes, without a single shred of substantial content or thoughtful analysis.