Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Behold the Subhuman Slime

You should know by now I'm talking about Derbyshire.

Mr. Derbyshire: MacDonald's entire corpus of work is based upon the idea of "group evolutionary strategies."  By calling that concept "silly" you essentially invalidate his entire thesis, which would seem to me to be "scathing." regardless of the dishonest manner in which you try to qualify your pathetically transparent  and unfair "hit job" on MacDonald.

Why "transparent?"  Read this excerpt from Derbyshire's screed:
After all, if it is so, should we not suppose that evolutionary psychologists are pursuing their own “group evolutionary strategy”? And that, in criticizing them, I am pursuing mine? 

Yes, you idiot, of course you are pursuing your genetic interests/evolutionary strategy.  Your personal genetic interests are intertwined with that of your Chinese wife, in your half-Chinese children.  You - obviously - have a vested interest in promoting memes that safeguard their place in a predominantly White America, and you have a vested interest in delegitimizing memes that threaten your progeny's future among White Americans.

Thus, you promote Asiaphilic, aracial HBD and also justify miscegenation, while attacking White nationalism ("latrine flies"), group evolutionary strategies (can't have Whitey think they have different interests than their Oriental overlords), racial preservationism ("crazy race purists"), and the whole concept of kinship-based racial activism.

If you would have admitted your personal biases in the anti-MacDonald scathing review, at least one could commend you for having sufficient character for doing so.  But you didn't, did you?