Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Brimelow Goes Full Retard

At least they didn't blame the result on "Mormons."

Any reader of this blog, which has cited the Lind Hypothesis as worthy of consideration this electoral cycle, would not at all be surprised by the Cruz victory over Trump in Wisconsin.

How does Der Movement and associated precincts (such as VDARE's HBD-oriented "immigration patriotism") interpret this?

Someone needs to tell mophead Brimelow that not only is Cruz a pro-immigration shill, but, any Cuban flim-flam aside, fact is, Cruz is being used instrumentally by the Republican Establishment to have a contested convention, where the hope is a far-left ultra-race-cuck like Paul Ryan (who "just happens" to represent Wisconsin, by the way, that state of yeoman immigration patriots one and all) will be put forward.

It's an open secret that Cruz is a stalking horse for Ryan.  Now, it may not work out that way, but that's one plan, and no doubt the GOP voters of Wisconsin have heard all about it.

Kind of puts all those "immigration patriot" votes for Cruz in a different perspective, doesn't it, Brimelow, you raging idiot?

Or is it not idiocy, but just the mendacity of HBDers and Nutzis avoiding trends that do not fit "the narrative?"  After all, with dogma that takes on a religious purity, any blasphemous commentaries need to be ignored, eh?