Saturday, April 16, 2016

Daniel S Is Right About This

The Sen problem.

I've had my disagreements with Daniel S, but I heartily endorse this post.

I have in the past analyzed the Sen-Vallone connections and I agree that these are most likely the same person (*).  The divisive and anti-White antics of Sen-Vallone, including the bizarre hostility toward Poles (coupled to a deep concern for the well-being of South Asian shopkeepers infesting Britain), has also been discussed here.

Daniel is a bit too charitable to TOO and its embrace of Sen. Poor judge of character is a bit too mild.  Even after the Sen-Vallone situation had been dissected on a variety of sites (including this one), TOO still gave Sen a forum. Despite being aware of the potential problems, they keep on pushing.

At best, that's an indication of the failings of affirmative action, pushing toward positions of leadership individuals unsuited for that role.  At worst, well...

This is all also part of the Sallis-HBD extension of O'Sullivan's Law.  Indeed, any "rightist" entity that is not expressly concerned with genetic kinship and civilizational cultural ties - more specifically, any such entity that contaminates itself with the anti-White hate cult of HBD - will inevitably drift away from pro-White politics and toward a more aracial, civic nationalist stance and will, also inevitably, become easy prey for questionable figures with vague ancestries and even vaguer political agendas.

*Recently listening to certain interviews at Counter-Currents and Radix podcasts, interviews of ostensibly "different" people, my suspicions of the superimposed identity of another "pair" (sic) of activists have been confirmed.  But that's a story for another day.