Monday, April 11, 2016

Derbyshire Excrement

Lind. not Jayman.

Where to begin?  First, that screed begins to address the question of the Lind Hypothesis. But, you know, reasonable people, people with character - not "awkward squad" race traitor losers with their bizarre alien wives - would give credit to where it properly belongs.  Lind wrote his essay ~15 years ago and it is he, not disgusting triracial Jamaican mongrels. who should be given credit for the observation (and, indeed, prediction).

Second, what's with Derbyshire promoting a White-hating colored hybrid, and his grotesquely ugly offspring, on VDARE?  That's right - Derbyshire is a race-mixing HBDer, and as such, feels a natural "connection" with the anti-White Jamaican and its menagerie of micro-hybrids.

Purely disgusting on all sides.