Tuesday, April 26, 2016

HBD in the News, 4/26/15

Two small items.

South Asian Jews share the same pattern as the ones infesting the West: male Middle Eastern contribution in relatively recent times coupled to admixture with local female stocks.. 

But - South Asian Jews! HBD salivates at that reality. But we must go one better and study Chinese Jews. Yegads! Certain HBDers would explode in an onanistic frenzy of measured groveling over such sublime superhumans as those!

And then we have Roissy:

Some men new to the Charisma Arts create unnecessary hurdles to jump in their minds. One example is the mistaken idea that teasing girls is a laborious “dancing monkey” ordeal that by dint of the effort required of a man must necessarily “put the pussy on a pedestal”. 
Two flaws with this thinking: one, teasing is (or should be) fun for both parties, so it won’t feel like a chore. Once you get into a teaselord rhythm you’ll hardly want to stop (but you will need to stop, because too much teasing is just as counter-productive to bedding women as is too little teasing). 
Two, teasing hardly requires mush more effort than breathing. A tight tease that lands pointedly on a girl’s pudenda is likely to be a majestic demonstration of pith. Novellas and mime acts are rarely the stuff of good teases.

Let's see. First, being a dancing monkey, which is exactly what "game" suggests and promotes, does not have to be "laborious." How "laborious" is it to act like a dim-witted jackass? Lazy Negroes do it all the time. Letting your arm slide down an escalator, onto your lady fair (i.e., STD-infected slut) - one of the brilliant ploys previously celebrated at the Chateau - is hardly "laborious." Sending out moronic tweets is hardly "laborious." It is also undignified, moronic, juvenile, and indeed represents the man being a dancing monkey to satisfy fleeting female "hamster" whims. It may be fun, no doubt, to the sort of mental age-stunted retards who claim Roissy as a guru. I'm sure mudsharks find their miscegenation fun too. Derbyshire may find his "measured groveling" quite enjoyable. There are times when "fun" and doing the right thing are not exactly the same thing.

On the other hand, while the specific act of teasing need not be "laborious," the entire Roissy program indeed is: the complete transformation of a man's persona to please Milady Mudshark, the complete subjugation of the male to the Pedestal of the Pussy, as exemplified by the need for hundreds of posts, each with triple digit numbers of comments, a degree of effort that requires complete focus. If not, then why is Roissy still at it? After all, with such a simple program, a few posts left online in perpetuity to teach newcomers would have been sufficient.

But, no. Worshiping the female requires a daily dose of dancing monkey tomfoolery, and while each act of dancing need not be laborious, the entire mental effort to transform a serious man into a grinning buffoon does indeed necessitate much intense training and effort indeed.