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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Kirkpatrick Channels Lind

"Acela primaries."

Donald Trump didn’t just win every state on Tuesday, he won every county,crushing his opponents in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland… 
…This challenged some of the deepest-held beliefs about American politics—specifically that the Northeast, at least its Republicans, are “moderates.”… 
…Northeastern Republicans are looking for fighters—just people who fight on different kinds of issues than what social conservatives are used to. Instead of crusaders against gay marriage or abortion, Northeastern Republicans want their champions to be strong on trade, immigration, and national security… 
…Rather than being dominated by ideology, politics in the northeast are about identity. Voters in the Northeast are also far more interested in jobs and trade than any kind of perceived ideological purity.

And this turns out to be the case in other area where Trump has shown surprising strength: the South… 
…The GOP in the South already functions as a de facto European-American Party, with whites voting as a bloc to keep the large black populations from taking over the state. Given the choice, Southern voters turned out to be more attracted to Trump’s nationalist message than the traditional “true conservative” creed of abstractions about limited government or spending cuts. 
…the Trump campaign is a kind of intervention,—an infusion of nationalism which can actually arrest conservatism’s slow death and create an American Right really capable of winning in the new America by turning out the white a.k.a American vote. 
Of course, that means American politics will take on an increasingly Identitarian tone.

Of course, the VDARErs still dance around the truth, unable as they are to just admit that Lind (and to a smaller extent, the "Reality Gap" essay in TOQ) predicted all this years ago. One awaits the HBD-mophead faction to start talking about "Mormons" or "Jayman" or "a vote for Cruz (and his open-borders, far-left, horse-faced VP milady) is a vote for immigration patriotism."

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