Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Lind 1, Brimelow 0

Truth vs. Mophead.

In response to the Brimelow stupidity described here, we can see a more honest description of the Wisconsin voting, based on actual exit poll data:

A walk through the Wisconsin exit poll -- thank you, CNN! -- shows not only how complete Cruz's swamping of Trump was but also just how much opposition to Trump and the Trump message there was in the state. Cruz crushed Trump by 21 points among self-described conservatives. More than six in 10 Wisconsin Republican primary voters said illegal immigrants working in the United States should be offered some form of legal status. And, perhaps most damning for Trump, 58 percent of GOP primary-goers said they would be either "scared" (38 percent) or "concerned" (20 percent) if he were elected the next president. That's Republican primary voters!

So, no, Mophead, the voters there did NOT vote for Cruz due to “immigration patriotism” but the exact opposite: ultra-race-cuck progressive liberal Republicanism, promotion of amnesty, and being “scared” and “concerned” by the big bad racist Trump. Can’t ask for a better refutation of Brimelow (and, not coincidentally, support for Lind) than that. Indeed, a vote for Cruz was essentially a vote for Paul Ryan being nominated at a contested convention, the real "wet dream" of Wisconsin cucks.

I do hope readers of this blog are beginning to understand just how fundamentally dishonest Der Movement is. Der Movement is going to be held to account for the dishonest domain of dogma and delusion they’ve been festering in, and promoting, this electoral cycle. Until then, the proper response to Brimelow’s mendacity is this.