Saturday, April 9, 2016

Random Observations, 4/9/16

Observations, suggestions, and questions.

When Derbyshire talks about "fifty years of ethnomasochism" is he referring to his marriage?

Chateau Heartiste does serve a useful function: read its advice on sexual morality for men, and then do the opposite.

When Trump states, in so many words, that "from this point on, the campaign will be serious," is that a tacit admission that he has up to this point behaved like a juvenile jackass?

Four letters that for Der Movement are as garlic is for a vampire: L-I-N-D. Three letters that should be akin to vampire garlic but which are not: H-B-D.

The only "fat shaming" that goes on in today's society is the shaming of people who point out the grotesque obesity of others.

"You can lead a horse to water...."   The GOP Establishment can appoint whatever cuck they want as the nominee at a contested convention, but good luck getting a strong turnout of the base after that.

Affirmative action: from tragedy to farce.

Suggestion for the next VDARE fund-raising campaign: contribute enough money and Brimelow will get a haircut.  Contribute more money and he will not talk about his young wife and children any more.

Sailer has a hysterical aversion about mentioning Salter's work on EGI, despite the fact that Breezy himself is mentioned in the Acknowledgements of On Genetic Interests.  Still doubt that HBD is a political movement?

Best comment on China: "China's master plan is to steal the master plans of other countries." Copy, copy, copy, steal, steal, steal.