Sunday, April 17, 2016

Salter on Australian Refugee Policy

Good sense on migration which is of the type that for some mysterious reason never ends up on VDARE.

Read this. 

Compare Salter's good sense and tightly argued theses with the atrociously stupid lies and Asiaphilic and Judeocentric flim-flam of Neo-Marxist HBDers like Derbyshire and Sailer. Note also the following excerpt from Salter's work (emphasis added) that is critical of "citizenism" - Steve Sailer's core ideology:

Readers might never guess that the same fallacious citizenship doctrine – that legal statutes can substitute for organic ties developed over centuries – allowed the social fragmentation being experienced by Australia and many other Western societies. The paper did not let on that homegrown terrorists had attacked police and civilians in Melbourne and Sydney, that security agencies had warned that further attacks were probable, that hardened jihadist fighters would be returning to Australia from the Middle East, that the NSW police expert on diversity issues believed the threat from radicalised Muslims would last for generations, that surveys had shown that the more diverse a suburb the lower its occupants’ sense of security and cohesion, and that the negative reaction of third-generation Australians against Muslims was especially strong. [xxiv] The authors of the paper did not connect these many signs of an unravelling society with immigration and multicultural policies, the overt racialisation of electoral politics, or with decades of high refugee intakes. The authors – the Australian Government – were clueless about the relevance of Australia’s falling level of volunteering [xxv] and about the difference between a nation and a (political) state. [xxvi] 

The same ideology – a version of citizenism – was part and parcel of the multicultural experiment initiated by the Fraser government in the 1970s against the will of the Australian people, that has given us rising social chaos and home-grown terrorism, where young people born and raised in Australia join overseas terrorist groups. It is no coincidence that the same Fraser government initiated a permanent refugee intake coordinated with the United Nations.

Indeed. Citizenism is an ideology of the anti-White and anti-Western Left and Right Globalists; it is a fundamentally subversive doctrine, hostile to EGI and the preservation of Western nations and peoples.  It is therefore not surprising that the leftist race theorist Breezy Steve promotes such a destructive doctrine, just as it is not surprising that the ultra-leftist site VDARE gives a forum to Breezy Steve Sailer - and to the miscegenation-promoting "measured groveling" Derbyshire - while eschewing the work of real nationalists, patriots, and learned academics.

After all, HBD is, above all else, a political movement, with clear objectives - objectives that include the humiliating enslavement of Whites to Jews and East Asians, and the submergence of "high-IQ" Whites into a mongrelized Jeurasian master class.