Saturday, April 2, 2016

Shooting the Breeze, 4/2/16

More superficial Sailer stupidity.

One seldom mentioned reason that white flight is a slow process in California is because the 1978 initiative Proposition 13 gives a major property tax break to homeowners who stay in their homes.

Yes, for as we know, in the Steveosphere, all societal trends boil down to one of three things: real estate, PISA scores, and golf courses.
…and the Asians bailed out to small school districts in the San Gabriel Valley that they could take over and control, like Arcadia. This also proved a way for Asian parents to keep their daughters away from chasing white boys by moving them to Asian dominant public schools.

More accurately: “This also proved a way for Asian parents to keep their daughters from being chased after by white boys, by moving them to Asian dominant public schools.” After all, even though the White male is a sissified pansy, unable to muster even the slightest effort for racial and cultural self-defense, he’ll leave no stone unturned in his quest to have sexual access to Asian females.
If the government creates a new Census category in 2020 breaking out “Middle Eastern – North African” from poor dumb old whites, is the white population of Los Angeles suddenly going to drop?

Hey, Steve, who exactly are these “poor dumb old whites?” One of your arguments against “White nationalism” is the inability to decide precisely who Whites are, and yet you write about this non-existent group on an almost a daily basis.

Must have something to do with the real estate prices of golf courses, and the PISA scores of cheating Asians grabbing the 9 iron.