Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trump Sweeps April 26 Primaries

East coast antics.

The usual east coast success, including among those terribly unassimilable populations of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Coming up, California will be an interesting case.  On the one hand, California is a western state whose White population is in some ways similar to other western states Trump lost, but then again, look at Arizona, which Trump won.

What California and Arizona have in common are serious illegal immigration problems, diversity, and a history of Republican populism (Reagan, Goldwater).  Further, California is a "cosmopolitan blue state" and Trump does well in those, in contrast to the red states that Der Movement worships.

Lind's thesis is as much about culture as about ethnicity (hence, for example, the American South). Trump can take California if he doesn't suffer from his usual foot-in-mouth disease.