Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Two Essential Works


I view those works as ranging from mildly interesting to mediocre to stupidly destructive.

I would recommend only two books:

1. On Genetic Interests by Dr. Frank Salter, which provides the fundamental biological/scientific rationale for racial preservationism, and includes political and ethical considerations for pursuing ethnic genetic interests as part of biopolitics.

2. Imperium by Francis Parker Yockey, which, while dead-wrong about biological race, is spot-on with almost everything else, and provides the cultural-civilizational-political foundation for nationalist activism.

These two works, and their respective strengths and weaknesses, complement each other, and together constitute the basic pillars of any reasonable racialist worldview.

Other than that, read various blogs, especially and including this one as well as Western Destiny.  Der Movement in general, and all its approved texts, is a particularly useless exercise.  Evidence?  Add this Youtube video to your "must see" list, keeping in mind it was made in 1969.