Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Why Give To VDARE?

Money better contributed elsewhere.

VDARE, as we know, always has the panhandling tin cup out, asking for money, and they always seem to get when they require.  It's puzzling though why so money people on the Right get suckered info contributing to a site that, when one looks at the evidence, is firmly on the racial Left.

VDARE is infamous for hosting the inanely superficial and breezy Steve Sailer, a civic nationalist on record as opposing racial nationalism,  While Sailer is a strong net negative, VDARE's leftist bonafides are most clearly seem by their hosting of that far-left SJW racial liberal, John Derbyshire.

What?  Surely I jest?  Isn't the Derb some sort of "conservative race realist" who got booted from National Review for writing an anti-Negro screed?  Why, he's some sort of politically incorrect bigot, right?  Let's look at facts, instead of at reputation.


1. Has a mixed race family and, more to the point with respect to ideology, is on record as strongly promoting miscegenation as part of his debate with Taylor.  Indeed, Derbyshire has characterized "race purists" (i.e., racial preservationists) as being crazy.  Promotion of race-mixing coupled to Frankfurt School-like pathologization of racial preservationism is a far-left ideology.

2. Has opposed (like Sailer) White racial nationalism.  Indeed, Derbyshire has agreed with the characterization of even the moderate WNs of Amren conferences as "latrine flies." Again, Derbyshire takes a consistently leftist. anti-White stance on this issue.

3. Has attacked KMacD's work on the Jews; Derbyshire's "Marx of the anti-Semites" smear of MacDonald reads like something written by some sort of estrogen-enhanced SJW college student cuck.  Again, we see Derbyshire adopting the views and rhetoric of the far-left.

4. Embraces and promotes the anti-White hate cult of HBD and also promotes the NAM SCAM (similar to Sailer in both regards).  Again, we see promotion of anti-White, aracial, racially liberal memes.

5. Promotes anti-White colored radicals.  These include Jayman, a triracial Jamaican who has critiqued Salter's work in a moronic (and ethnically self-interested) manner, as well as the anti-WN and anti-Salter Desi flim-flam artist Razib, who ran a website at which links from Majority Rights were being redirected to the most vulgar Black male-White female inter-racial pornography (Derbyshire praises the professionalism and erudition of this juvenile Bengali). Derbyshire has also written about hosting of the GNXPers (GC?) in his home.

Therefore, to summarize: Radical HBDer Derbyshire, with a mixed race family, openly and strongly promotes miscegenation, mocks preservationists, opposes White nationalism, smears KMacD while defending Jews, and strongly supports anti-White colored activists, including people who troll rightist blogs with inter-racial porn.

Is that a "conservative?"  Sounds to me like a perfectly liberal SJW type. True enough, Derbyshire doesn't like Negroes, but, so what?  Just like someone can be a vegan while disliking broccoli, so can someone be a far-left racial liberal while having a specific distaste for Negroes.  And Derbyshire's anti-Negro attitudes certainly hasn't stopped him from supporting the part-Negro Jayman, so even that part of Derbyshire's "bigotry" is suspect.

Now, if the reader is a leftist race liberal then go right ahead and contribute to the far-left VDARE site.  On the other hand, racial preservationists should eschew VDARE and give elsewhere (like Counter-Currents).