Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Commenter Lew of Counter-Currents Does Better Than the HBD Faction of Der Movement

Lew channels Lind.

Comment, emphasis added:


Posted May 3, 2016  
After that bad loss to Cruz in Wisconsin, Trump seemed to regain his footing by hiring that high-powered DC lobbyist Paul Manafort. Judging from his bio, this is just the type Trump needed, someone who knows how knife fight in that establishment world that has been cutting Trump to pieces. 
But what I find interesting about that hire is that I can’t ignore the fact that Manafort is an ethnic Italian who stepped up to help Trump. It seems to fit with Trump winning every subset of American whites except the interior West, Plains and Midwestern rubes primarily of Germanic/Nordic derived stocks. Urban, homogenized, ethnic, rust belt and Southern whites have been coming out strong for Trump. I think the lesson is that whites on the losing side of globalization who also have proximity to vibrancy are a potential mother lode for WNst outreach. (Sorry, but that flat out excludes the kind of flyover rubes who support Ted Cruz.) 
I don’t think it should be overlooked that Trump does not far as I know have a single Jew or elite-class, east coast WASP among his top people. There is a lesson there too.
The thing is that Der Movement learns different lessons from Lew. According to Der Movement, which worships Red State America and its anti-Trumpian Cruz/Kasich supporters, the Northeast component of Trump's supporters are subhuman kebab trash. drunken micks, and non-Hajnaled hunkies. Der Movement will focus on Southern Whites and that's good, but the ethnics? As a swarthy dago, swimming in skin grease and olive oil, might say: Fuggedaboudit.