Saturday, May 28, 2016

Der Movement and HBD in the News, 5/28/16

Several items.

Manafort admits that some of Trump's more pro-White positions are simply "negotiating points."

The thing about Der Movement is its lack of accountability, particularly among its "leadership."  If Trump loses, will all those folks saying "Trump is the last chance of White America" follow through on that and close up shop? Or will they simply carry on, making believe they never wrote that?  Will they simply transition to a new "strong man on white horse" hero?

If Trump backpedals on his most useful policy proposals during the election, or if, as President, Trump reneges on his promises on immigration, will Der Movement and its leadership admit their error?  Will any "movement" "leaders" resign, close up shop, and into well-earned obscurity?

Fat chance of that.  Just like an ignorant puffed-up Negro beneficiary of affirmative action, who conceals incompetence with bravado, Der Movement's "leaders" - also affirmative action babies - will never take responsibility for their errors.  They've never done so in the past, so why start now?

Following up on this, more on the Chinese and PISA here and also here. Once again: Lynn uses PISA scores to "estimate" IQ.