Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Der Movement in the News, 5/11/16


Fulford decides to analyze the polygenic adaption in Britons study in his inimitable manner. Where is J Richards and his smiley faces when you need him? And can these guys mention "Razib" "can't tell the difference between a homologous chromosome and a sister chromatid" Khan without telling us he is a "geneticist?" Yeah, if some fat spinster needs genetic analyses done on her ten cats, "Razib" is the "go-to" guy on that, no doubt.

And then we have this analysis of the "Sailer Strategy" written (if it is at all possible) in an even more superficially breezy manner than that of Steverino himself. That's great, Richie, perhaps next time you can admit that The Ethnic Gap was dead wrong. And the complete collapse of TOO as a serous racialist analysis of current affairs becomes ever more noticeable - a phenomenon completely predictable by that site's foray into the HBD cult.

Would it be fair to say that Der Movement approached the recent Counter-Currents Durocher podcast with all the perceptive sensitivity of the dessicated corpse of a deceased 95-year old senile man?


So I don’t understand why the neoconservatives are so fanatical about immigration, but they are.

Hey, Pete, maybe you can spend less time telling us about your young wife and your “baby dragon” and instead crack open one of KMacD’s books on Jews. Might learn something.


He’s conservative in the fundamental sense, which is that he is interested in conserving the national community. As I say, that’s pre-capitalist and pre- all these issues. He’s a nationalist. That’s something that we have not seen since Reagan.

Ronnie Raygun. How’d that work out for us, Pete? 

SDML (Stuff Der Movement Likes):

HBD, Northeast Asians, Red State America, sniggering like Beavis-and-Butthead over "dem titties," bashing wops and other "White ethnics," holding rallies when out-numbered by anti-racists 10:1, undercuts, lying and hypocrisy, bizarre obsessions and fetishes, White male-Asian female miscegenation, never admitting to being wrong, fossilized dogmas, hero-worshipping the likes of Trump or Putin or Raygun, breezy and superficial analyses, endless defeat and surrender, having no conception of strategy and tactics, pompous metacultural philosophizing instead of getting things done, wasting decades...more to come.