Thursday, May 12, 2016

Der Movement in the News, 5/12/16


Here is a breathless account of a Trump rally that rivals the excitement of Roissy himself:

My take is that Trump’s recruitment of Jews is a bow to the realities of Jewish power in America, as well as the Jewish desire not to put all their eggs in the anti-Trump basket (even though I would estimate well over 90% of US Jews dislike Trump). As long as Trump stays the course on his proposed policies, I have no problem with that.

How about the fact that Trump has Jewish family connections, including Jewish grandchildren? Why is the HBD faction of Der Movement (and certain other related factions as well, eh?) so shamelessly superficial and star-struck over this man? Why can’t the attitude be one of utilitarian skepticism – Trump may be a fraud, and we’re not going to get too excited over him, but he is so far a useful tool for disrupting the multicultural consensus and upsetting the System, so we’ll give him qualified support as long as he continues to be a useful instrument for our real long-term goals?

Also, folks who have no problem with Trump – what about White ethnic Trump’s supporters? Why continue having a problem with them?