Monday, May 16, 2016

Der Movement in the News, 5/16/16

Stupidity marches on.

…but what struck me is how “Northern Irish” these girls are, with names like McMaster and McCormick.

Yeah, Fulford, I’m sure that’s the only thing that “struck” you about them. One can imagine Fulford’s Beavis-and-Butthead-style sniggering: “look at dem titties.” But, let’s give Fulford some credit: the females he posts pictures of seem to be beyond the lower age range of Johnred Derbyfogle’s expressed preferences (according to his own words, ages 15-20). 

Question: what exactly does this Fulford post have to do with immigration restriction or any of the other putative reasons VDARE exists?

You know, I used to respect Brimelow, and sincerely regretted hearing about the illness and death of his first wife. But after getting remarried to a much younger woman, his VDARE site has become an embarrassment of juvenile jackassery, perverts, and childishness. The only utility of that site is to provide material for me to use in order to mock Der Movement. Thanks, Pete.

And, what kind of imbeciles contribute money to VDARE? If they spent the money on lottery tickets, there’d be a higher probability of them seeing something accomplished with it.

This essay is Roissy-like in its over-the-top onanistic Trump worship. But here is something I don’t get about Der Movement: if Trump is God, then aren’t the “angels” those who support him, rather those who reject him, Pope Gregory’s priest-like preferences with respect to young boys notwithstanding?

Speaking of Roissy, his site now instructs men exactly how they should talk to impress their other, non-Trumpian, gods - actually goddesses: pussies on the pedestal. Not only do men have to craft their every movement and body stance, but they also need to practice to perfect their every utterance. In other words, men need to transform themselves into trained circus animals, or pre-programmed robots, in order to satisfy every passing female whim:

One, start off using small words. The brain, especially the female brain, latches onto these first. These are your foundation. 
Two, to show your intelligence sprinkle higher words like “epitome of something,” “nascent value,” “reductionism” . . . as long as you have a base of low level words, it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t understand all of them, you will convey that you are erudite and sharp-minded. And she *WILL* subconsciously get the meaning of at least some from context. And she will drip drip drip. 
So a sample monologue of Sorcerygod talk would go something like this: 
“I love the new spring weather, it’s so refreshing and rejuvenating. The wind, the air, the flowers, the strangers on the street with smiles on their faces. But are any of them sad to the point of suicide? Sometimes I catch a glimpse on their faces . . .”