Monday, May 16, 2016

Derbyfogle and Data

Johnred wrong again.

Absolute retard Johnred Derbyfogle writes:

Trust me on this. I know from data. I worked up to my elbows in data for thirty years. I never heard a data biz professional say unselfconsciously “the data are …” or “the data have.” I am fairly sure I never heard anyone say “datum” at all. If there is an English word “datum,” its usage is very rare. 
When someone tells you that data is a Latin plural, tell them that indeed it is, but neither you nor he is speaking Latin. (Unless, of course, you are.) 
Then ask him: What is the Latin opposite of data? The answer is on page 14 of Unknown Quantity. 
When I see “the data are” in print, it looks affected and artificial. That’s not what data is.

Never trust an HBDer. Trust ME on this.  Unlike Johnred, I’m not a doddering elderly apologist for child porn and former illegal alien invader who thinks that HBD flim-flam is real science. Now, truth be told, whether you say “data are” or “data is” really isn’t that important – it’s the data that are important. But for the sake of accuracy – the proper usage is “data are.” If a real scientist, a proper quantitative scientist, someone in the “hard” sciences (not oxymoronic “social science”), hears “data is” they will wince. It’s wrong. Data are plural. The reason one never hears “datum” used is that, you know, real science uses something called replicates and proper sample sizes, so data will be (or should be) plural. Only HBD crap may use single datum points. Again, trust ME on this.