Sunday, May 15, 2016

Four Trumpian Scenarios

Possible long-term election outcomes.

There are of course a large number of possible long-term outcomes that can occur dependent upon the result of the next Presidential election.  Many of these possibilities are variations on common themes, and some are more likely than others. Rather than present a long, exhaustive (and exhausting) list, I will simply discuss, in very general terms, four possible outcomes, best and worst case scenarios for both a Trump victory and a Trump defeat.  This assumes the election will take the form of Republican Trump vs. Democrat Clinton, with, especially for the Trump loses scenarios, anti-Trump cuckservative third party possibilities being also included.

Trump Wins:

1. Best case outcome: President Trump actually follows through on most of his immigration policies, to the delight of his alt-right fanboys, thus slowing down (NOT stopping, much less reversing) White dispossession. By these actions, Trump enrages the anti-White forces, promoting race hatred, chaos, and balkanization in America, despite Trump’s attempts at a more aracial civic nationalism.  Therefore, rather than being lulled to sleep or marginalized, Whites are energized, and White Identity Politics become a permanent part of the political landscape of America, right-wing populism is here to stay.  This very unlikely outcome would become more possible if Trump decides he wants only one term and goes all-out in doing what’s necessary, regardless of potential political consequences.

2. Worst case outcome: President Trump becomes another Ronnie Raygun, fooling the White masses with empty bluster and warmed over civic nationalism.  Whites are lulled to sleep by the idea that “our guy is in charge and all is well,” while Trump reneges on all his immigration policies.  White dispossession intensifies and accelerates, while White rage is dissipated by Trumpian bluster, onanistic gamester fervor, and all the asinine “It’s Morning in America Again” Sailerian citizenism.  The anti-Whites will still hate Trump, but their rage is muted since Trump actually does nothing and the Left wins again. Whites, meanwhile, go back to watching football, while wondering why the numbers of coloreds around them are increasing exponentially.  This is the most likely outcome of a Trump victory.

Trump loses:

3. Best case outcome:  Trump’s loss is blamed on the Republican Establishment (which will be particularly easy if the cucks run a third party candidate).  The rage of the White masses destroys the old GOP, while a Clinton Presidency engages in the most outrageous anti-White activities.  The energy and dynamism unleashed by the Trump campaign is channeled into either a fully right-wing populist new GOP or an ascendant third party that replaces the GOP.  The necons and cucks are dumped into the dustbin of history and the scenario is primed for a candidate that combines sincere pro-White policies with NOT being an ignorant and vulgar buffoon. However, even in this case, all the “movement” Trump fanboys will be delegitimized by having tied so much of themselves into a Trump victory – “Trump is the last chance for White America.”  If they believe that, then a Trump defeat should leave them hopeless and they should step aside and let more serious and competent people run things for a change.

4. Worst case outcome: The Clinton victory and subsequent presidency is blamed on right-wing populism and “White racism,” as the neocons and cucks grab the megaphone and hammer home the message that the anti-Establishment bigotry of Whites is at fault. Pathetic Whites buy into this, and all the energy and dynamism of the Trump campaign is lost, and the whole populist direction is completely discredited.  Meek Whites are marginalized and silenced, their votes are once again taken for granted, the Republicans out-pander the Democrats to grab colored votes, the GOP joins with Clinton to open the immigration floodgates, Whites are dispirited, and the Trump failure is seen as a lost gamble that sets back pro-White right-wing populism for at least a generation, just like Hitler’s lost gamble set back racialism since the end of WWII. The whole idea of looking out for White interests is delegitimized on the “right,” WN is set back either further than before, and Whites are worse off than if Trump never ran for President in the first place.

I’d say that the two “worst case” scenarios are by far the most likely, and the “best case” scenarios are unlikely, although number three is significantly more likely than number one.  In all cases except number one, Der Movement would have been proven wrong, and the “leadership” humiliated.  Even if number one occurs, that’s just the start, if Der Movement cannot take advantage of the opportunity, they would have failed once again.  As usual…