Saturday, May 7, 2016

Living As A Durocher

Podcast analysis.


1. Greg Johnson was the “star” of this podcast, making the most important points.  And, yes, we need to focus on appealing to White youth.  One wonders if it would be easier to racialize some of the "feel the Bern" millennial Sanders fanatics than it would be to do the same for cuckservative "rightists."

But, one criticism: If Greg has benefited from having a PhD, then why can’t many other Whites also benefit from an advanced degree?  Certainly, one must navigate the leftist morass of academia, and I also understand the personal economics involved, but it’s not a good idea to leave academia and higher learning to Jews, Asians in science and technics, White leftists, and the affirmative action flotsam and jetsam.

2. Durocher wasn’t so bad here, much better than his writing (although to be fair, his latest book review also wasn’t that bad).  Perhaps if he writes/speaks on things he knows about, and eschews topics of which he knows nothing and/or is openly mendacious (e.g., population genetics, anthropology, and other aspects of biological race and racial history); if he stops being such a “try-hard” brown-noser for Der Movement, promoting the worst aspects of fossilized dogma; if he drops the mainstreaming shilling, he’d be more useful.  Of course, that means abandoning the bulk of his usual subjects.  Assuming he’s sincere, one wonders why a person who talks reasonably intelligently can sometimes write such stupidly destructive drivel.

3. I have to agree with Durocher on Trump in all regards.  If only he was as skeptical about Chicken-Wire Vik and Marine of Arc.

4. Greg is correct about the social proof phenomenon and the need to be “good” in all correct aspects. But, let’s admit that 99.999999999% of the “movement” fails in this regard.

5. There’s another major observation/confirmation about this podcast I will refrain from making (“professional courtesy”) until such time that someone else makes the observation. In the grand scheme of things, it is not particularly important, but nevertheless puzzling.