Saturday, May 14, 2016

Man on White Horse Syndrome as a Symptom of a Character Deficit

Pathetic weakness.

The man on white horse syndrome, so prevalent in Der Movement, is demonstrative of a serious character deficit: a desire for a quick fix, the inability to face reality as it really is, the yearning for a "big daddy" to solve all problems (e.g., Trump as deus ex machina), an unwillingness to be patient and do the long-term hard work required to achieve objectives - does this all sound familiar?  Der Movement in a nutshell. It is very similar to the motivation behind religion, particularly monotheistic religion: fear, flights from reality, the comfort that someone is looking out for us, an abdication of adult responsibility, an unwillingness to look at the universe as it really is.

So, no, Big Daddy Touchback is not going to save us, just like Big Daddy Vladdy is not going to save us, and just like Big Daddy Raygun made our problems worse.