Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Political Experts Proven Wrong Once

Will it happen again?

There's still a convention to get through, but if Trump is the eventual GOP nominee, it is amusing to look back at this electoral cycle, and all the "experts" who confidently told us flatly that "Trump will not be the Republican nominee" and "there is zero chance Trump is the nominee" and "once the early silly season is over, voters will choose one of the serious candidates."

Didn't work out that way, did it?  Is the White Man finally getting tired of cucked conservatives?

Will the "experts" be wrong about the general election as well?  (By the way, a Trump defeat, if it occurs, will fall blame wise on White females, another reason suffrage was a deadly mistake).

One must mention as well, in the interest of fairness, that the behavior of Der Movement in this electoral cycle has been despicable.  Between the slavish support of Trump the man (instead of the honest admission that the man is a buffoon and the only important thing is what he represents), the slow realization of the ethnocultural basis of his support (Indiana notwithstanding), and their inability to mention the name "Lind," Der Movement is once again discredited as any realistic vehicle for White preservationism.