Sunday, May 8, 2016

Predicting Der Movement's Next Abject Failure

The next opportunity lost.

This is the sort of thing that combines race, crime, quality of life, people's own well-being, intrusive social engineering: a perfect brew to stimulate White rage and activism, a harbinger of hatred and chaos, opportunities unlimited for a real movement with community connections, shrewd and far-thinking leadership, and the ability to pursue multiple prongs of attack against the System, including running people for political office - in other words, practical politics to promote the larger agenda, instead of just abstract "metapolitics" and "movement" fetishism.

The likely result is this opportunity will be lost, Whites will vote for cuckservatives who'll actually support these policies, while the quota queens of Der Movement gibber about truly important matters, such as: Hitler's flatulence, men who can't tell time, sub-fractional admixture percentages, Julius Caesar's eye color, Napoleon's cephalic index, Julius Evola's deep "thought" on "spiritual race," and why "Mormons" don't vote for Trump.

For the White race, to live, Der Movement must be mercilessly destroyed.