Sunday, May 8, 2016

Rewriting Derbyshire, 5/8/15

A rewrite.

Re: Derbyshire’s typical anti-Negro screed here, I would like to rewrite part of it as follows:

Yellows and Whites are different races, whose ancestors for thousands of generations took different paths through evolutionary space. Of course they exhibit different statistical profiles on all kinds of behavioral, cognitive, and personality traits, leading to different statistical outcomes in all kinds of social situations…They also make it perfectly right and proper to push back…I guess my Oriental Fatigue is showing. 

Indeed, Yellows exhibit shockingly different profiles from Whites even as infants, as demonstrated by Derbyshire’s beloved HBD. Indeed, the differences between these two groups are so enormous that they may as well be considered different species.

Note to Derb: We all do hope you got a Mother’s Day card for “Rosie.” Wouldn’t want you to have to do any more “measured groveling,” unless of course if that is how you derive sexual satisfaction.