Sunday, May 8, 2016

Snob Effect

From sports to race

I propose that there is a memetic snob effect, in which people broadcast their “highbrow” bonafides by promoting counter-intuitive and often factually wrong and nonsensical memes, or “refined” preferences, in order to differentiate themselves from the “lowly” masses.

Interesting enough, examples of this can be found in sports.  While uninterested in sports myself, I live in a culture in which, for example, football is a national religion, and where adult males get into a frenzy watching Negro behemoths run into each other on a football field, or watch Dominican mulattoes hit little round white balls with wooden sticks on a baseball field, or watch elongated Negrids stuff a large orange ball through a hoop on a basketball court.  Very well.  One thing I notice is that the casual fan, the lowly proletarian fan, likes offense.  They like to see points scored, touchdowns scored, runs scored.

On the other hand, the “expert,” the “elite fan” sniffs that this crude preference for offense is unbecoming and “lowbrow;” instead, the man of refined taste prefers defense.  One for example finds baseball fans that assert that they like low-scoring “pitching duels,” as compared to the yobs who demand steroid-inflated athletes club multiple “home-runs” leading to high-offense scoring.  Further, the “elites” and “experts” will claim that their sport is “90% defense” – an absurd claim given that in any sport, a point or run scored has the same value as a point or run prevented, so that any sport is on average an even mix of 50% offense and 50% defense.  Thus, the "experts" make claims that defy common sense, and commit themselves to unappealing preferences, just so they can pose as superior to the "dumb brutes" beneath them.

What has this to do with race?  Well, the elites want to separate themselves from the “crude tribalism” of the masses. Tribalism - that’s all, like you know, “lowbrow” and “primitive” and unbecoming of the refined and educated masters that look down on their inferiors.  What?  Reality of race?  Only dumb brutes believe that!  The refined and educated just know that “race is a myth.”  What?  White racial solidarity?  Only low-life White trailer trash supports that.  Trump?  Only the ignorant support him.  Nationalism (for Whites)? Don’t be on the “wrong side of history.” 

Our enemies have inculcated the idea that all healthy memes, including objective scientific facts about race, are low-class and low-brow, and that association with those memes brands someone as morally inferior, intellectually deficient, and socially maladapted. This is the same snob effect as in sports, except with respect to race and civilization, the effects are real and damaging.

Unfortunately Der Movement reinforces the snob effect by often living down to the low-life stereotype.