Saturday, May 7, 2016

Strom vs. Roissy

Trumpery Cubed.

If I have to choose between Strom's good sense and Roissy's homoerotic hero worship of Alpha Touchback, I pick Strom.  Where Strom errs is by underestimating the extent that the fraud Trump can be leveraged to destabilize the System, due to the public perception of him. Although, if Trump shifts more toward the center now, re: immigration, then even this utility is lost.

More generally, Der Movement loses with Trump either way.  If Trump is a fraud, then the bulk of Der Movement (sans Strom and other skeptical individuals) will once again have proved to be naive weaklings panting over another false "man on white horse."  If Trump is real, not only has Der Movement failed to take advantage of this election cycle (actually that also applies even if Trump is a fraud), but Der Movement mendaciously refuses to acknowledge the ethnocultural basis of Trump's support.