Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The New Racial Proletariat

White Racial Proletariat?

Good article here. We need to go further in utilizing certain memes commonly associated with the “left.” Further, certain “radical centrist” concepts such as social credit and the citizen’s dividend (the latter of which was promoted by Bowery some years ago) need to be seriously considered. In the racial state, the citizens are akin to stockholders and are thus entitled to dividend distributions based on the nation’s productive capacity and net assets. Herein lies incentive for hard work and increased competitiveness, as an increased productive capacity would mean increased dividends for the citizens (and productive capacity needs to keep pace with population growth, at minimum). Every (racial) citizen is therefore (literally) invested in the nation's future. Further, while every citizen is entitled to a minimum dividend based on their personal stock in the nation, additional “shares of stock” and, hence, amount of dividend distributed, will be based on the individual’s contributions to the nation (productive capacity, political leadership, service [military and other], culture creation, science and technics and other innovation, etc.). This would of course need to be capped to prevent the large income inequality we see today, which guts the middle class, disrupts the organic solidarity of the nation, and gives rise to a plutocratic oligarchy with no ties to their people and its genepool.

In addition, a future–oriented vision (genetic engineering, space exploration, alternative energy, advanced physics and cosmology) needs to be promoted as the “high-end” of the vision, the superstructure as opposed to the basic foundation of distributivism-based economics. 

Underlying that is actualization of a High Culture, and underlying that, at the most basic foundation, is race and the genetic interests of the citizens. 

We need to move beyond narrow rightist, reactionary, conservative memes, which are a dead end. Replacing the current America with its near-equivalent, albeit with better demographics, is not he way forward. A racial nationalist program needs to be about more than just race.