Monday, May 30, 2016

The Politics of Comic Books

Another sign of decline.

Comic books are certainly not high culture by any means, but I've written about comics before, since they, as part of modern pop culture, reflect the memetic prison society our masters are constructing around us.

Comics have been in decline for a long time, and are part of the Cultural Marxism infecting what used to be the West.  We have characters who are homosexual, we have previously White male characters becoming female and/or minority (*), and now the leftist tilt has comics directly and indirectly attacking the Trump campaign and Trump supporters.

Even more bizarre, Captain America - that symbol of SWPL liberalism, the anti-Nazi, pro-colored, proponent of civic nationalist democracy, that bastion of tolerance and brotherhood - has been uncovered as a secret agent of "Hydra" - a fascistic totalitarian organization, founded by Nazis, bent on world conquest (**).  Captain America has been the symbol of the liberal vision of America since WWII, and his phenotype and character used to well represent the Midwest cucks rejecting Trump.  That he is now being used as a vehicle to "expose" and ridicule the alleged "White racism" behind White folks voting their interests is quite remarkable.  Comics have fallen straight into the toilet of virulent anti-Whitism; the mask is off, and there is no turning back.

The decline of comics is also manifested in their quality, independent of their politics. Sometime in the 2000s, a style of art infected comics, particularly the Marvel brand, that is quite simply childishly atrocious.  Some months ago, for example, I saw an issue of Daredevil that looked like it was drawn by a spastic 10 year old with Down's Syndrome.  And the writing is not much better. Forget about the politics - the actual raw product is so markedly inferior to that of the so-called "Silver" and "Bronze" ages that it is laughable. It's as if they've given up all pretense of putting together quality fantasy entertainment and are just churning out cheaply-made political pamphlets. Lee and Kirby were Jews, but they were adults and produced quality material.  The Gentiles of that time - Thomas, the Buscema brothers, Ditko, Conlan, Tuska, Romita, etc. - were adults who created adult-level material (even if for children). Today, it seems like the material is produced by "feel the Bern" hipsters and affirmative action minorities, who churn out low-quality trash in between going on social media or attending a Sanders rally.

It's pathetic.

*A Negro took over as Captain America, and is still posing as such after the real one (the White Hydra agent) returned to action. Thor is now a woman, and - no doubt to the delight of the HBDers - the Hulk is now Korean.

**Perhaps it will be eventually revealed that old Cap is just infiltrating Hydra, to show how a real American must reject such "hate."  But what if he is sincere?  The message from Marvel - all White man, particularly if they look like Steve Rogers the all-American Nord, are closet "Nazis" and "haters." We'll need the Black Cap and the female Thor and the gook Hulk to set things straight!