Monday, May 30, 2016

The Sound of Derbyfogle

As his Jewish friends would say, Johnred has lots of "chutzpah."

After suggesting that pro-NS Austrians are "lunatics," child porn apologist Johnred Derbyfogle writes:

Leave me in my country to enjoy the culture I grew up in and am familiar with: Modern, Western, not-very-religious, sexually egalitarian, easy-going, English-speaking social-democratic culture.

Excuse me Mr. Derbyshire: you live in the USA, but you are a (former) illegal alien who grew up in England. Your wife - whom you brought into my country - grew up in Red China. Where do you find the nerve to pontificate on the sort of culture we should have here?

Let me tell you about the American culture I grew up with: where no one had ever heard of, or even imagined, child porn, much less made apologies for it, and where it was more or less openly acknowledged that any White man married to an Asian woman was a socially maladapted loser unable to attract a mate of his own race.

Can we all once again enjoy that culture that we used to have?