Monday, May 30, 2016

What Would You Do Different?

Improving the "movement."

With my criticisms of the "movement," one may ask: what would you do different?  That is of course a complex subject that cannot be answered in one post; however, I note I have written on this in some detail over at Western Destiny.

For example:

What we need are leaders with broad, long-term strategic vision, people who can plan ahead and not merely react to every minutiae of today’s current events, combined with the tactical flexibility to take advantage of those few current events that truly are of importance (e.g., the Trump campaign).  These would be people who eschew fossilized “movement” dogmas, reject defectives (instead of merely talking about it), and combine metapolitics with real-world politics (when such are useful). These would be people who make the best use of the human material at hand, independent of “movement” biases and fetishes.

These are some who would ask: what is the harm of talking about some of Der Movement’s favorite memes?  What’s the harm about talking about, and obsessing over, cephalic indices, subfractional “admixture” percentages, Kali  Yuga and the “men who can’t tell time,” how many times Hitler passed gas in a given day, esoteric traditionalist ramblings, and whether Caesar was dolichocephalic or brachycephalic?  What’s the harm in having crazed fetishes about certain European ethnies? What’s the harm in indulging in conspiracy theories about moon landing hoaxes, smoking and cancer hoaxes, and those dastardly “Jew doctors” poisoning “the poor babies” with nasty vaccines?  What’s the harm in the homoerotic obsessions with “man on white horse” saviors?  What’s the harm in holding rallies where a half-dozen neckbeards are outnumbered by one hundred anti-racists?  What's the harm in having a miscegenating child porn apologist and a Beavis-and-Butthead “look at dem titties” sniggering jackass as regular writers on an immigration restriction blog?  What’s the harm of the “game” “pussy nerds?”  What’s the harm in “altright" millennial buffoonery?”  It’s all in good fun!

Yes, but you see, when you have all the power, like the System has, you can afford to make mistake after mistake.  When you are a near-powerless dissident fringe “movement,” errors are deadly and each and every mistake is going to be amplified to your detriment.  Racial nationalism itself is viewed poorly by the masses.  WNs must ALWAYS put their best foot forward. One error, one blurting of stupidities, one example of poor judgment can undo years of careful work and building up of a positive image.  One can attract a quality individual to the cause with much effort, and then see that effort wasted, and the individual lost, because some stupid “movement” antics took place at the wrong time – just as you were about to convert the person to the cause, along comes some “movement” fetishism to ruin it.

If "movement" “leaders” cannot yet understand this, then they are not fit to be leaders.  This should be glaringly obvious.