Sunday, June 26, 2016


The inevitable pivoting begins...inevitable, that is, for everyone except Der Movement.

Let the backpedaling begin, and a jilted Roissy weeps.

Seriously though, Trump is an idiot.  A major aspect of his appeal is the perception that he is not like mainstream politicians, that he is authentic and speaks his mind, and means what he says.  In reality, he seems to be following the same old tired hypocritical GOP script: run right in the primary, pivot left-center for the general election, and, if elected, govern hard left.

The quota queens of Der Movement have the whole Trump thing backwards: they obsess over Trump the man rather than over the implications of his campaign and his support, which is the real issue.  I really do believe that a group of low-IQ shuffling ghetto Negroids would do a better job leading Der Movement than what "leadership" actually exists.