Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Der Movement in the News, 6/15/16

Several items, with a concentration on HBD: Jews, Breezy, gamesters.

Tim Wise: Jews gonna Jew.

Steve Sailer: HBDers gonna HBD.  Breezy's article isn't up yet, but I'll take this opportunity to once again state my opinion that the Johnson-Reed Act (which is what I presume Breezy will talk about) was a good idea, although the major rationale was preserving ethnic balances, not proximate issues (which are of course important also).

In that spirit, I'll also state my support for another example of a majority acting firmly, an example of which I'm sure Breezy and the other HBDers would rather like to ignore.

Here's an amusing comment:

(((Ivanka Trump)))

(((Michael Cohen)))
(((Sidney Adelson)))
CONDI for Veep
CH founded by (((…)))