Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Der Movement in the News, 6/21/16

Several items.

Hey, let's not be too harsh on him!  He's "one of the boys," after all, and perhaps can one day become a "movement" "leader" or, perhaps, a HBD blogger, complete with Asian wife.

What does it say about Whites that they support Trump more weakly than they do all the establishment GOP cucks? What does it say about VDARE that they cannot say exactly which Whites are not supporting Trump?

As before, Trump’s problem is not enraged minorities, but a relative weakness among whites…

Apparently, a book Derbyfogle would like to give "Rosie."

Mr. Hyde's longer-than-the-book book review continues.

Hitler would not tolerate contradiction.

Well, there's a reason why Saint Adolf is the very archetype of a "movement" "leader." Contradiction? Discussion? Debate? No, no, a thousand times, no! (Or should we say, Nein!). Only fossilized dogmas allowed, repeated endlessly.

Hitler on the Jews is right about this:

This race simply has a tendency toward ridiculing everything that is beautiful, and it frequently does so by way of masterful satire. But behind that there is more: there is a tendency toward undermining and ridiculing authority.

Hyde again:

Racial science was a moderating influence on German chauvinism…

That's ludicrous on the face of it, and what is called "racial science" here is the most pathetic type of pseudoscience, rivaling the absolute stupidity of HBD.