Friday, June 24, 2016

Der Movement Summarized In One Blog Comment

Courtesy of the HBD-Nordicist The Occidental Observer.

Relevant excerpts, emphasis added (note how the wops and hunkies are equated to Arabs/Turks/Muslims):

History of the past several centuries have shown that Anglos and Northern Europeans are superior gentiles when compared to Southern Italians, Slavs, and Arabs/Turks/Muslims, the inferior gentiles.
Anglos and Germanic did stuff better than Slavs, Latins, Greeks, Turks, Arabs, etc.
So, you would think Jews would have easier time gaining power over inferior weaker gentiles than superior stronger gentiles.
But in fact, Jews more effectively gained control over superior gentiles.
Well, what made the Northern Europeans superior to other gentiles in the first place?
They were more into Rule of Law, meritocracy, integrity, civic-mindedness, fair play, organization, diligence, and etc. Of course, they were often hypocrites and failed to live up to their professed principles. But they took them more seriously and sincerely than most people around the world. And they could be hard on themselves and be self-critical and redemptive.
Such qualities led to immense progress and advancement for Northern European gentiles. They became a formidable, wealthy, and powerful people due to many positive qualities that prized trust, work ethic, sobriety, honor, fair play.
In contrast, the other gentiles were lazy, slovenly, oily, greasy, crooked, shameless, infantile, sneaky, unscrupulous, deceitful, irresponsible, devious, clannish, pettily tribal, corrupt, low in integrity, polacky, grooky, gumbic, and/or etc.
As such, their societies fell behind or turned into a mess. They became a sluggish, bankrupt, and dilapidated people.

Any further comment would be superfluous.