Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fisking Brimelow's Amren Speech

Mophead analysis.

Of course, the post at VDARE uses one of his children as a prop – where would a Brimelow post be without that?

Some choice excerpts:

And as revenge on Jared, I am going to reveal one of his most shameful family secrets. As you know, he is very proud of his Confederate ancestors. Well, I have to tell you that on his mother’s side, he is directly descended from General George B. McClellan. [Laughter].

Ancestors on both sides of the Civil War! Just like Humphrey! Can one doubt that qualification for “movement” leadership?

That’s an “in” joke for those of you who haven’t been bitten by the Civil War bug. (By the way, James [Edwards], as you know Patrick Cleburne [whom Edwards had just quoted] was a British immigrant! He’d served in the British Army. [Laughter]).

Cleburne is another obviously well qualified to lead us to victory.

Which is why I am worried about the future of my children.

Sure, Pete, you’re worried. You still have child porn apologist Derbyfogle writing for your site, though.

About Trump:

And above all he simply will not prepare for debates…I do think that this lack of preparation could be a problem for him in the general election.

Come on, Pete, don’t you know how affirmative action works? Prepare for a debate? Pfahh! 

Here’s what Ann Coulter—and I have enormous respect for Ann, don’t be deceived by her bimbo shtick…

Deceived? I’m sure Fulford thinks that’s her best feature. I’m more concerned about her mudshark shtick myself, but, then, after all, she’s “one of the boys” so to speak, so it all doesn’t matter…

What this says to me is that if Trump does start to move the white vote into these historic high levels, even 60 percent or so, we’re looking at a landslide.

It would help if he stopped acting like a juvenile jackass.

Also, I think it’s important to note that, even if Trump loses, he’s already shown that immigration and the whole concept of “America First” works electorally.

Wait a minute! I thought that Trump was “the last hope for White America.” The quota queens need to get their story straight.

And I think that Reagan pointed the way for Trump on what to do. He focused on only a small number of things—Star Wars, tax cuts, defense build-up, that sort of thing.

He also focused on illegal immigrant amnesty, that sort of thing.

Ann Coulter gave a very affecting interview on BBC a day or so ago. She said that if Trump doesn’t win, “it’s over We’re going to be homesick for the rest of our lives, because America’s gone.”

Implication: Brimelow agrees with her. Oh, so we’re back to the “last hope for White America” meme. Being a quota queen not only means you don’t have to prepare for debates, it also means you don’t have to be consistent in what you say over a period of several minutes.