Thursday, June 2, 2016

More NEC Sex Assaults in Germany

Cuckolded Germans do nothing.

Berlin (AFP) - The number of women who have reported being sexually harassed or assaulted at a German music festival last weekend has risen to 26, police said Tuesday.
The mostly young women, who between them filed 14 criminal complaints, said they were encircled and groped by groups of men in ways that recalled mob attacks at chaotic New Year's festivities in Cologne.
"The women have reported that the (perpetrators) appeared to be men from the South Asia region," police said in a statement after an initial 18 women had reported assaults.
Police said three Pakistani men aged 28 to 31, at least two of them asylum seekers, were arrested at the four-day open air music festival in the western city of Darmstadt but later released.

Maybe the sissified German "men" need to take some pervitin like their Wehrmacht predecessors so they can stand up to the invaders, instead of acting like cuckolded pansies.