Thursday, June 23, 2016

Odds and Ends, 6/23/16

Several items.

Is anybody really worried that left-wing violence will beat right-wing violence?

This writer is specifically referring to organized political violence.  So, the answer to this is, yes, we'd had better be worried, since it is very easy to beat something that does not exist. Organized leftist political violence is a fact of life in the West, and has been so for decades (the entire period 1965-1975 was defined by such violence in America), it is seen today in anti-Trump rioting as well as when Der Movement attempts to hold public rallies (or even a small restaurant meeting) - on the other hand, organized right-wing political violence in the West has not existed since 1945.

Who's kidding who here?  "Trump militias?"  Where are they?

Behold the female.  That's great.  Er...if women are so controlled by their hormones - and they are, as any encounter with a PMS-enraged woman will attest - then they have no business voting, being in politics or business, or holding any responsible positions in the modern world whatsoever.  Ad, no, embittered post-menopausal hags, enraged that their only useful attributes - youth, beauty (if they ever had any), and fertility - are gone, are no better.

But we still have much to learn from their previous success. We can sperg out and say, “Here are the facts that show why the dominant narrative is false” all day long, but with that approach we’ll never capture more than the tiny percent of people who are high enough on need for cognition to be reachable by that method. Until we learn how to capture the public’s emotions and engage their imagination with our philosophy, we’ll never have a fighting chance, because other people will do a better job of engaging it with theirs. The meme war is a zero-sum game — and what we really need, far more than abstract refutations of dominant narratives, are counter-narratives that engage the same deep psychological needs.

I agree.  Can we stop with the HBD nonsense?  It's not only Asiaphilic and Judeocentric pseudoscientific garbage, but it's exactly the type of "sperg" fantasies that repulse the White masses.