Saturday, June 18, 2016

O'Meara Again, 6/18/16

Clueless or deceptive?

It’s common enough on the Right to somewhat grudgingly acknowledge their role in the re-homesteading and revitalizing of blighted (usually by blacks) urban areas. The Right ruefully admits that for some reason, these limp-wristed sissies are able to resist the Black Undertow that drove out all those manly Olde Tyme White families.

Maybe because those "Olde Tyme White families" (note snarky tone) have something called children, and responsible parents don't want to send their children to school with savage Negro apes, which is what I endured. And, maybe some of those "limp-wristed sissies" move to those areas because they are leftists who enjoy the "diversity" and become saddened that their gentrification diminishes it.

Gosh, could the “conservatives” be wrong? Perhaps all those childless men do have some role to play in reproduction and survival, at least in the reproduction of the past into the future and the survival of cities, not global consumerist playgrounds?

Oh, stop it already. How many times do you have to beat a dead horse? That horse looks like minced hamburger already. Yeah, we get it: you're gay and want to be accepted. The problem I have with some homosexual WNs is the same as with Christian WNs: they put a non-EGI and non-racial identity above their EGI-based, racial identity. Thus, for both groups (ironic how they are lumped together like this), their religion or sexual identity is more important than race, ethnicity, or what have you.

Once again, Salter in On Genetic Interests said the basics: homosexuals (typically childless) have a greater proportion of their genetic interests invested in extended family and ethny. While promoting acceptance of themselves, they should also promote pro-natal memes and policies aimed at family and ethny, to enhance their genetic interests.