Friday, June 10, 2016

Part of the Grand Strategy of Asians

Pimping out the Asiatrices.

Did the Chinese actually sell their daughters in 1978? Are we talking wives or prostitutes?

What about today?

Look, even though many Asian men do not like it, a part of the grand strategy of Asians, as a race, is to pimp out their females to White nerds, so as to facilitate the Asian colonization/infiltration of the West.

Fact is, the Asiaphilia common to Whites is almost exclusively found among White males (not men), and no doubt there is a "yellow fever" connection to it. Even among the Right, one can look at HBDers, some of whom are/were married to Asiatrices (Derbyfogle, Murray, Brand), and so-called "pro-White" sites that include female (of course) Asian bloggers, sites that promote Asian colonization of White lands as part of what we can call "Silk Road White nationalism."

And among the White masses, the male fetish for Asians dampens White resistance to Asian immigration and upward mobility; note with all the hysteria about Trump and his plans for Mexicans and Muslims, no one critiques the Asian invasion of White lands.