Friday, June 24, 2016

Political Wins and Losses, 6/24/16

Political wins and losses

Brexit: BIG VICTORY.  Who knew the British people had that in them?  I presume that was mostly from the English.  Congratulations to Guessedworker (but not to Brimelow or Derbyfogle).

Speaking of Brimelow, here he celebrates in the typical VDARE Fulfordian manner.  Well, given that VDARE is a site of child porn apology, isn’t that female much too old?  What would Johnred think (and to him she’s of the wrong race)?

Supreme Court on immigration: mild win.

Supreme Court on affirmative action: big loss (in other words, what we are told is that discrimination against homosexuals wanting a wedding cake or transgenders wanting to use a particular bathroom is wrong, but discrimination against Whites for school admissions, etc. is A-OK).

Upcoming probable November defeat of the 1.3 million dollar man Trump: devastating loss.  The Trump thing is a shame, since this is a winnable election with right-wing populism; however, a serious candidate would be in the lead now.  Trump could still pull it out, but right now he’s the underdog, not only because of America’s changing demographics but also because – contra the Trump worshippers out there – the man is a buffoon who is running a poorly organized and under-funded campaign.

Then again, given Brexit, maybe we’re all in for a November Surprise, and the White Cuck Race will find the fortitude to do the right thing again, even despite Trump’s majestic incompetence.