Friday, June 3, 2016

Salter on Trump

More reasonable analysis.

The candidacy of Donald Trump in the American election campaign also offers some hope. Nothing is certain about how Trump would perform as president. He is, as his critics claim, something of a wild card. The positive signs come from the enthusiasm with which Republicans and many Democrats responded to Trump’s policies of border control, expelling illegal immigrants, rolling back the globalist trade policies that have been de-industrialising the country, and looking closely at Muslim immigration. Whether or not Trump would perform responsibly as president, a big slice of the American electorate has shown that they are alive and kicking. Their spirit has not been permanently crushed by a hostile elite. Their shrugging off of the mainstream media’s condemnation of Trump demonstrates a healthy cynicism towards the intellectual and media classes. They are angry over lost prosperity and the manifest signs that they are losing their country to perverse social policies and non-European immigration.

That prudent and sober analysis can compare with the typical fanboy hysteria of Der Movement. Salter is correct: the major point of the Trump campaign is the reaction to him, not the man himself.