Saturday, June 4, 2016

Strom on Voting and the Democracy Fraud

Aliens and morons voting.

Read here. Excerpts, emphasis added:

Look at the streets of your city. Look at the gibbering beggars, at the drug users and the drug sellers. Look at the ignorant Mestizo peons and primitive-minded Middle Easterners now flooding into our country. Look at the declining intelligence and educational level of the White population, too. See them as they walk down the street, with an obscenity or a brand of beer or the name of some TV star on their T-shirts and baseball caps. One man, one vote. The vote of the knowledgeable and upright is now guaranteed to be canceled out by the votes of the ever-growing mob of aliens and morons. Even if all our politicians were paragons of morality and wisdom, they would have to appeal to the rabble’s tastes and opinions in order to be elected, something that most honorable men could not stomach. And when in office, they would have to implement policies acceptable to the mob or they would quickly be supplanted by a smiling liar who made the appropriate promises. And every politician in our democracy is aware that the mood of the mob is managed quite effectively by the controlled mass media. If he wants to stay in office, he must never violate the taboos established by the Jews who own those media. 
In short, democracy as practiced in the United States of America today is a total fraud.  
Those who believe that democracy is “working well” because of Trump’s recent triumphs and rhetoric are deluding themselves. Remember the Reagan years: Do you remember how the Republicans and conservative Democrats effectively controlled the Executive and Legislative branches of government? Do you remember the phrase “The Reagan Revolution”? Do you remember the landslide re-election? — the enthusiasm of White Americans for “the gipper”? Let me ask you this, then. In eight years of almost total governmental power by Republicans and so-called conservatives, did they reverse in any significant way even one major anti-White policy or program? Were the gun-grabbing laws then on the books repealed? Were the American people given relief from the intrusive federal government and its leftist policies? Were the affirmative-action laws and minority favoritism laws repealed? Was the “foreign aid” to the Zionist entity and its client states stopped or even reduced by one penny? Was the flood of illegal and legal Third World immigrants across our borders halted or even slowed down? Were those who were here illegally convicted, punished, and expelled — or were they given amnesty for their crimes? And let me also ask you this — Were any of these things even attempted? No. The agenda of the aliens who control our media, deceive our people, and thus control both political parties continued through the Reagan years and will continue even if Trump becomes president. The advance of the anti-American agenda is much like the action of a ratchet wrench. In our phony democracy, the wrench only ratchets in one direction: the direction leading to the loss of our freedom and ultimately to the death of our people and our culture.  
Democracy as practiced in ancient Athens could only work so long as the voters were of a uniformly high quality intellectually, morally, and racially. Even then, mass democracy could never have worked. Mass democracy is not a viable form of government when you have a low average level of intelligence and moral character in the population.