Saturday, June 25, 2016

Two More Views on Brexit

Two brief video commentaries.

I agree with Spencer, essentially.  Now, I was overjoyed with Brexit; upon hearing the news, I did a little dance, a little jig.  That tells you how bad the EU is because, like Spencer, I'm a proponent of "Europeanism."  But the EU is an anti-White genocidal monstrosity, Merkel writ large, and it has to go. But a Western Imperium that preserves national particularisms would be a good thing.

And Spencer is correct as well - if the practical outcome of Brexit is going to be substituting South Asians and Negroes for Poles and Romanians, that's not a good deal.  Brexit has to be the first step toward a British Britain, which means the Third Worlders have got to go.

Taylor touches upon something of interest - the willful obtuseness of the ruling elites.  Brexit was, if nothing else, a rejection of multiracial globalism, but Cameron and all the rest are still pushing the same genocidal multicult agenda.  It's the same with the GOP elites and Trump - even after Trump's humiliation of Jeb and the rest of that crew, the Republican Establishment is still pushing the minority-first agenda.  They will never learn because they do not want to learn.